An innovative, eco-friendly and outdoors product which always keeps you PowerFull

Classic umbrellas (Parasols) are primarily designed to shield an individual from the sun. Almost all venues and outdoor places accommodate such umbrellas. SmartBrella is a not an ordinary umbrella. SmartBrella provides simultaneously protection from the sun and the facility to charge your mobile devices. It can be used both as a point of shade and point of charge. SmartBrella is a patent pending product.

Why SmartBrella

A Natural Green Charging Station!

SmartBrella is a technological advancement of the classic parasol-umbrella into a green-power outdoor charging station. SmartBrella’s competitive advantage over other innovative charging products or solutions is the one-stop-source of energy production and consumption. Users and customers can get all they need in just “one point” without leaving their mobile devices anywhere else. SmartBrella is more than a common umbrella, is an efficient Promotional Tool!

How It Works

SmartBrella means SunWhere Charging!

SmartBrella has all those fundamental characteristics of a conventional umbrella-parasol. Its core competency is that it accommodates a natural energy generation and charging station.
Photovoltaic modules (PV) are embedded in the top of the canopy. They are highly-efficient, light weighted, flexible and waterproof. The PV captures and converts the solar energy into direct current (DC) electricity. The direct conversion of solar to electricity occurs without any moving parts or environmental emissions during operation. This eco-friendly electricity is transferred directly to the solar charger controller which is placed in the middle of the pole. The power can be accessed by Smart-USB ports which reside on the charger providing the proper power supply for recharging mobile devices such as Smartphones, cell-phones, tablets, pads, cameras, etc.
Our technology ensures easy installation, operation and use that is similar to a conventional umbrella. Our product is suitable for installation in harsh environments due to its waterproof, tamperproof, salt and humidity resistance.

R&D, Technology


  • Innovative & impressive design
  • Power production & consumption at once
  • Safe, easy to install and easy to use
  • A really green and eco-friendly product
  • Effective advertising and promotional tool
  • Maintenance free

Product Range

Our product range in SmartBrella (umbrellas/parasols) is almost unlimited. We can design and manufacture either in mass-production or tailor-made solutions for our customers.

Options, Selections and Possibilities

We can supply you according to your special requirements with many designs and various sizes of umbrellas. You can even have the printing customized to best display your brand.

  • Power: High-efficiency, flexible, waterproof, photovoltaic modules
  • Chargers: SmartBrella SU (Smart Charger, USB compatible)
  • Frames and Pole: anodized aluminum, steel, wooden, etc
  • Shapes: round, square, special, etc
  • Dimensions: standards, customized
  • Textiles & Fabrics: acrylic, polyester, etc
  • Bases & Mounting: plastic, metallic, concrete, etc
  • Opening System: simple, pull-rope, etc
  • Durability: heavy or low duty (wind gusts, etc)
  • Frame Colors: RAL chart
  • Printing: wide range of coatings and dyes thatguarantee the highest fade resistance of the colors.
  • Protection: against harmful UV radiation, absorbing water and protects from rain and dust
  • Extras:: flounce, double top-roof ventilation, etc

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