The Idea. How it was born!

Our Inspiration & Diligence

Our Inspiration

In this day and age, people are attached to their mobile devices and mainly to their Smartphones. Mobile is more than freedom-especially in outdoors and isolated places-it is our communication to the outside world and without power, it becomes more of a lifeline.

Smartphones batteries are a modern day Pacman to power and people get anxious when they see that power bar disappears.
Obviously, people are able to charge their devices when they are at home, at office, or anywhere else indoors. But, what if they are outdoors?

People spend more of their time at outdoor venues like resorts, hotels, restaurants, cafes, beaches, parks and more. People need power in outdoor and isolated places in which there is no easy access to power to charge or the power cannot “reach them” and vice-versa. Everyone needs battery power. Why not give it to them?

Our Diligence

  • Our Goal is to enable you to have freedom from your Battery Blues.
  • Our Objective is to provide you with on-demand “green-generated” power to charge your mobile devices outdoors.
  • Our Team consists of competent experts in engineering, manufacturing and business with many years of hands-on experience in the renewable energy sector. These specialists can help provide everything from the stage of development to the finished products quickly, efficiently, and effectively.
  • Our Diligence is to create an innovative, eco-friendly and outdoors product which always keeps you PowerFull.
  • Our Product: SmartBrella
  • Our Patents: SmartBrella is a dual patent pending product.

Our Team

Our people are committed to deliver outstanding products and services and they are passionate about customer service as well. Our combined knowledge and expertise in engineering, manufacturing, economics and business enable us to realize our customers’ “needs and requirements” and transform them into outstanding deliverables.


Our vision is to become “The undisputed leader that harness the Power of Charging”


  • Enable people to have the freedom of their daily battery blues
  • Offer outdoor charging to everyone
  • Build fruitful and long-term relationships with progressive clients which want to harness the Power of Charging.
  • Partner with our customers
  • Reward our stakeholders

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